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Businesses For Sale

DescriptionAskingRevenueCash Flow
20 Year Commercial & Industrial Electrical Contractor$3,100,000$5,839,000$1,204,000
Communication Equipment Sales and Service Company$1,395,000$2,340,000$433,000
HVAC Company - Over 50 Years in Northern Kentucky$690,000$1,580,000$261,000
19 Year Commercial Cleaning Co - $226,000 Owner Earnings$660,000$1,271,000$226,000
25 Year Northern Kentucky Daycare Center$426,000$472,000$173,000
Eastside Full Service Restaurant$390,000$862,000$145,000
25+ Year Cincinnati Podiatric Practice$340,000$754,000$306,000
20+ Year Northern Kentucky Auto Repair Company$340,000$673,000$139,000
Dayton Commercial Plumbing Contractor$290,000$591,000$137,000
24 Year Dayton Sign Manufacturer$273,000$458,000$73,000
Westside Self - Service Car Wash$239,000$67,000$35,000
25+ Year Northern Kentucky Florist$80,000$410,000$32,000
Custom Cakes, Cake & Candy Supply Company$80,000$307,000$42,000

Buyer Documents

All of the businesses we have for sale are listing in a “confidential” manner.  This simply means that we need all buyers to sign a non – disclosure document and complete a profile (see downloadable documents below).  Until the two forms are completed and returned via email or fax, we are unable to give out details on the business of which you are inquiring.  We will call you upon receipt of these forms.  Thank you for your understanding.

Making public the name and location of a business for sale can have an adverse effect on its employees and client base.  By not publishing names and locations online we minimize this risk.  We realize this anonymity is a hurdle to individuals gathering information online and apologize for the inconvenience.  However, we will freely share detailed business information to interested buying parties that sign the non – disclosure agreement and are financially qualified.  We strive to protect the confidentiality of our sellers and will expect a level of discretion on a buyer’s part.

If you have any questions about the process or have questions of a generic nature about the business of which you are interested, please call us or send us an email.