Sold Businesses

 Concrete Industry Service Co - Sold at Full List Price of $1,400,000

IT Company - Sales of $3,500,000 - Sold at Full List Price of $2,200,000

30 Year Staffing Co - $8 Million Sales 

Packaging Equipment, Material Sales, and Service - Sales over $11,000,000

22 Yr $1.6 Million Personal Services Co for Women and Men

35 Year Industrial Distribution Company - $644,000 Cash Flow

CRM Software Company - $856,000 Cash Flow

Communications Equipment Sales & Service Company

Multi - Unit Hardware Co - $5,800,000 Sales

Electrical Contractor Sales over $5,000,000

Cincinnati Dental Sales and Service Business - Sales over $500,000

15 Year Independent Grocery - Sales over $7 Million

Wholesale Dry Cleaning Operation - Sales of $500,000

20 Year Fast Food Franchise - $390,000 Cash Flow

Fence Company - Sales over $3,000,000

Senior Care Service Business - Over 1,000,000 in Revenue

Food Service Distributor - $3,000,000 Sales

Family Entertainment Business - $400,000 Owner Earnings

Machine Tool Company - Sales over $3,000,000

Metal Manufacturing Company - Sales over $4,000,000

Tourism, Amusement, & Entertainment Company

Specialty Manufacturing Company in Construction Industry

Food Manufacturer - $3,000,000 in sales

Electrical Contractor

25 Yr Independent Pizzeria - $1.13ML Sales - $272,000 Cash Flow

Dayton IT Sales & Service Company

25+ Year Florist Including Real Estate

Fence Company - Residential & Commercial - Sales over $1.25 Million

Northern Kentucky HVAC Company

25 Year Classic Bar - $212,000 Cash Flow

Northern Kentucky Electrical Contractor - Sales over $2.5 million

Internet Spray Painting Equipment Business - Sales over $1,000,000

Commercial Cleaning Company - Sales over $1,000,000

Full Service Staffing Operation

Medical Delivery Company

Industrial Concrete Coatings Company

25+ Specialty Sign Company

Dayton Residential Cleaning Company

Cabinet Manufacturer

Greater Cincinnati Moving & Storage Company

Home Improvement Co with Real Estate - $1.5 ML Sales

Sign Manufacturing Business

Cleveland Medical Sales and Service Company

Full Service Northern Kentucky Car Wash with Property

Commercial Printer with Over $1,000,000 in sales

Independent Tutoring Center

18 Year Construction - Property Restoration Company

Pre-owned Office Furniture Dealer

National Hardware Store - $1.7ML Sales

Electrical Contractor in Northwest Cincinnati

Travel & Vaccine Health Services Company

Dayton Commercial / Residential Insulation Company

Internet Wood Storage Unit Manufacturing Company

Full Service Construction and Restoration Company

Northern Kentucky Pizzeria - Sales over $1,000,000

Meat Market - $2,000,000 Sales

Full Service Middletown / Hamilton Car Wash with Property

Embroidery Equipment Sales, Supply, and Service Company

Full Service Communications and Phone Business

Self & Full Service Car Wash - 17% Return on Investment

Tax Preparation Business

Golf Cart Sales and Service Business

Wedding Guide Business - Sold for $1,250,000

Stone and Granite Center

Catering Business with Real Estate

UPS Store

Dayton Sign Construction Company

National Home Improvement Company - over $2ML sales

Delicatessen with Real Estate

24 Year Hamilton Pizzeria

Northern Kentucky Children's Playground Center

Diesel Truck Service Company

Residential Insulation Company

Franchised Printing Operation

Westside Landmark Steakhouse

Dayton Commercial Printing Operation

Recycled  Plastic Brokering Company

Printing & Advertising Brokerage Company

Portable Storage Company

Oil Recycling Operation

Well Known Bicycle Shop

Westside Cincinnati Daycare Center

Tradeshow Business

25 Year Garden Equipment / Maintenance Company

Multi Location Framing Franchise Centers

Paper and Cardboard Recycling Operation

Landscaping and Turf Maintenance Business

Franchised Learning Center

Goodyear Automotive Center

HVAC Continuing Education Company

Delhi Car Wash

Children's Indoor Playground Center

Northern Cincinnati Convenience Store with Real Estate

Tutoring and Learning Center

Large Lawn Mower Sales and Service Operation

Optical Center Operation

Day Care Center with Real Estate

Commercial Printing & Marketing Company

Speech and Hearing Company

Personal & Corporate Chauffeur Service

Professional Painting and Portrait Company

Westside Convenience Store with Property

Baseball Batting Cage Business

Eastside Women's Boutique

Northern Kentucky Multi Unit Franchised Pizza Operation

Shipping, Postal, and Packaging Business

Speed, Agility, and Sports Training Company

Northern Kentucky Convenience Store

Blue Ash Automotive Center

Eastside Florist with Over $600,000 in sales

Northern Kentucky Tavern & Ballroom Complex

Childcare Center - Independent

Hardware Store

Neighborhood Independent Dry Cleaning Operation

Catering Facility

Milford Bar and Restaurant including Real Estate

Franchised Full Service Automobile Center

Full Service Bakery Operation

Northern Kentucky Mailbox and Shipping Business

Westside Landmark Bar & Restaurant Operation

Northern Cincinnati Independent Coffee Shop

Weight Loss Center

Northern Kentucky Independent Pizza Operation

Eastside Bagel Shop

Specialty Cake Business

Boating Store Supply Center

Children's Clothing Store

Franchised Pizza Business

Eastside Meat Market

Eastside Restaurant & Deli

Westside Restaurant and Bar

Northern Kentucky Bar and Restaurant

Northern Kentucky Coffee Shop

 . . . and many more